After a very successful and prolific 2005, Producer Dennis Willis realized quickly that devoting hours to producing a show and adjusting to life as a new father was not going to be a good combination. So after two early 2006 shows, he put the brakes on Soundwaves for eight months.

When the show did return, it ramped up quickly with Willis providing solo hosting duties on all episodes, save for the Christmas shows.

2006 EpisodesEdit

Soundwaves produced only eight episodes in 2006, save for the Christmas shows.

461 2/16/2006 Back Again
462 2/23/2006 WonderCon '06
463 10/18/2006 Randomness
464 10/25/2006 Ramblings
465 11/01/06 Everything Sucks
466 11/08/06 Trailer Park
467 11/15/06 On Being Blunt
468 11/23/06 Ding Fries Are Done
469 11/30/06 Christmas Countdown '06
470 12/02/06 Pre-Game Show '06
471 12/02/06 17th Annual Soundwaves Christmas

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